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Addressing the metrics of employee benefits - qualitative + quantitative

A start-up faces many challenges. Here, the first was to establish a credible brand identity and position.

Identity: The first thing we did was to tighten-up the Brand name (from Carew Driscoll Associates) and create a logo. 

Position: During a period a full employment, employees considered benefits as entitlements. CarewDriscoll vision was to help employers and employees alike fully understand the tangible effect and cost metrics of healthcare, and allied wellness and benefits programs.

ThomasBoston CareDelivery Product Brand

An aligned product identity

Evolution: As the company grew it introduced new products, such as CareDelivery, a healthcare advocacy program. This prompted a second generation Brand name, which picked up the ‘CD’ dynamic of the product name.

ThomasBoston presents: CarewDriscoll - the next generation

CarewDriscoll – signaling growth

We also evolved the corporate ID to signal the firm’s growth and leadership — under which sub-Brand(s) were aligned.

ThomasBoston: Ovation Merger + Re-Brand

Benefits are a powerful recruiting + retention tool for those known to have effective plans

Merger & Acquisition: CarewDriscoll a reached a point that enabled it to acquire another benefits consulting firm (BenefitSource) to help achieve critical mass needed to serve larger corporate clients.

The management team created a new name: Ovation Benefits Group. We also referenced and
reinforced the name within the context of employer Brands and the (benefits) values for which they were known.

ThomasBoston Ovation Leadership Ad

Attaching leadership dynamics to the new Ovation Brand

Brand build-out: We created a number of leadership branding tactics to create a significant presence in its core markets, as well as to highlight core competencies and Brand vision.

ThomasBoston: Ovation Municipal Survey Program

A special seminar program to which municipals, under the gun to moderate benefits budgets, were provided with data upon which to base decisions

In addition, we created closely targeted direct mail programs to verticals, such as municipals, which became one of the company’s specialty niches.

The Brand today: When the firm moved to substantially larger offices its stakeholders decided a bold new identity was in order. It was also a change period (prior to the National Healthcare program) for healthcare benefits, which had left many thinking they’d lost all control of their programs, costs, and options.

ThomasBoston Ovation Logo + Shape Change position

As leaders + agents of change, Ovation Benefits empowers it clients to take control of benefits plans

Ovation took a very aggressive and proactive stance — that indeed it was a change period, but they had strategies to work together with clients to help regain control of benefits and expenses. Always on the forefront of product trends, they had positioned their Brand and operations as being uniquely qualified to implement breakthrough products in the healthcare and wellness pipeline, including online subscriber (employee) resources.


Today Ovation Benefits Group is a consultancy of high repute, with a national market reach. They have also started an in-house marcomm capability to address day-to-day sales support. 

They are a force to be reckoned with. And knowing the category, we suspect they too are likely in the sights of someone ready for their own M & A.

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