Tom Lanen, Principal

Thomas Lanen, ThomasBostonTom Lanen is the President of Thomas Marketing Services Corporation (DBA: ThomasBoston), which he founded as a full service advertising and branding agency in July 1989.

Charter clients included Kurzweil Applied Intelligence (healthcare clinician voice recognition with Ray Kurzweil and start-up team), ALE Systems (laser power supplies), and the Velcro Group (Consumer, Industrial, Technology, Needle Trades, Medical Products, Personal Care, Aerospace, global).

Tom’s marketing career has been wide-ranging in support of significant brand, product, and services launches for start-up, mid-range, and top-tier technology, B2B, consumer & retail businesses. 

His professional brand has been shaped by many people and influences, including his dad Ted, a professional sales engineer and business owner (manufacturers’ rep: Emerson Electric, Chromalox); visionaries Bill Marsteller, Paul Rand, Bruce Mau, David Droga, and Steve Jobs; and Dr. Tom Potterfield of Velcro USA and ITP (Palo Alto). He also gained significant advertising  and branding business experience during stints with the award-winning Boston creative agency, Ingalls Associates (pre-BBDO, working for GM Bob Corriveau); and with human resource communications pioneer, Al Buyer (Baïer), founder of Buyer Advertising.

Today specializing in providing CMO and brand management services in consumer, B2B and technology categories marketed into Adult and Senior Living businesses, he focuses brands and products for understanding and engagement. The goal: to enhance value perceptions to improve position
and competitive differentiation; and qualify branded products for value-based margins. And to create “movements” that make peoples’ live richer
and more satisfying.

In 2014 he acted as Chief Marketing Officer for Generation Connect, a start-up family-owned business based in York, PA (contract); and has played a significant role in the strategic positioning, packaging, and roll-out of the iRelevance program for older adults and retirement communities. A comprehensive turnkey training program used right out of the box without further curriculum development, iRelevance provides senior organizations with a systematic and well documented process to implement and scale technology using the iPad platform and the world’s most popular apps. It empowers older adults to feel and stay relevant by enabling them to connect to family, friends and what matters most to them.

iRelevance training and trainer support products include phased training videos/publishing; and online & printed manuals for retirement community staff and residents. The program supports strategic planning & operations, marketing & sales, and enrichment professionals.

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Dad to 3 teen and college age sons who keep him ‘hopping and mindful,’ he’s a high-energy, work hard, play hard professional who gets it done; and he’s grateful for the blessings of family and renewed health. He’s also working on a new music blog for older adults; and is writing a book: Grace Touches.

You can reach Tom at 508 951-0130 

Tom Lanen - Sail to Monhegan Isle maine 3 Sept 11

Tom calls this shot: ‘Me, happy’ – here on a client’s sailboat off Monhegan Island

Tom resides in the deep ‘burbs of Boston with his wife, and 3 sons, whom he’s coached along the way in youth soccer & baseball, and who constantly fill him with wonder.

Awed by design, he enjoys live music events, fashion & style, boating, skiing, golf, consumer technologies, and the requisite Boston sports teams. 

He swears the strategy, details & physics of sailing have made him a better brand manager. He’s ready to field-test his theory anytime – just call.

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